Another surprise discovery in my endless quest for Bay Area Peaks was this 2031 foot summit high above the rocky cliffs of Stags Leap (famous as a Napa wine appellation ). The peak was listed as having over 500 feet of prominence, but it took quite a bit of scouring about on Google to find a way up. It turns out that there’s a well-used trail off Soda Canyon Road, that had been featured in a Napa Adventure video.

It was a rainy afternoon when I set out explore my new discovery. The well groomed, slightly muddy trail switchbacked up though manzanita and bay trees, and emerged on a rock (and foggy summit) with marvelous views directly down across the Napa vineyards.

This tiny tree clung the the rough rocks in the mist, and was the most interesting composition on a cloudy and moist day

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